Zeus Arcana - Tempest Helm of the Thundergod

Finally I can upload my new work, the one of 3 Dota 2 heroes, which were made for championship advertisement.
Special thanks to Petr Ermolaev (https://www.artstation.com/ermperson) for his help with the lighting effect.
Well, I'm not an animator and this was my first animation, thats why pls do not judge the quality :) this is for the model presentation))
The other models will be uploaded soon.

Artem artificial 8 00000

Zeus Dota 2

Artem artificial 8 00004
Artem artificial 2018 05 02 17 10 533335
Artem artificial 8 00003
Artem artificial 44

hipoly model

Artem artificial 65

hipoly model

Artem artificial 1245

hipoly model

Artem artificial 2352

The main reference that I found on the internet, I dont really know the credits on it.